Luxurious Limbo

Sometimes I feel stressed out about money.

Paying the bills. Getting the things I WANT. The cutest rugs, another TV, a nice pair of shoes.

With the AVAILABILITY of everything nowadays, it can be easy to get caught up in the mindset or consuming.

Whenever I find my self wanting. I think back to our ancestors.

Those who were stoked to have found fresh water. Those that served up a lovely smelling lizard over a fire. Finding edible vegetables was a delicacy.

A few days without living in the heart of nature’s wretches (because raw nature is nooo walk in the park to live in) was probably absolutely glorious.

I live in a lovely home with access to more food than our ancestors could have dreamed of.

I’m pretty much always comfortable homeostasis wise, or at least walking distance from a the comfort of an environmentally regulated building.

While there ARE TOTALLY modern problems and hardships… I’d say for the most part our lives are pretty cushy.

Anyways, thinking about life this way helps me to cut down on my capitalistic & ultimately wasteful perspective.

Hope it might help you, too!

In Soil We Trust,



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