All Things Natural Gas

Natural gas (NG) is a fossil fuel. It is made up of compressed plankton that lived in an anaerobic environment, which is important because if oxygen were present, bacteria would have been able to consume the plankton. Natural gas is stored deep underground, under the soil, water, loam and sandstone, in an area called aContinue reading “All Things Natural Gas”

Ditch the Concrete – Choose a Forest Cemetery

Okay, I realize this is a sensitive topic for some. Not everyone is going to resonate, and that is totally okay. I respect everyone’s beliefs, opinions & feelings! I wanted to share this option with people: Forest Cemeteries. How do they work? Well, a deceased person is first cremated, then their ashes are put intoContinue reading “Ditch the Concrete – Choose a Forest Cemetery”

Pre-Cool Your Home & Save Yourself the Complaints

Okay ya’ll! Fun little tip for you to give a try. It’s called pre-cooling. Here’s how it work: Turn your thermostat down pretty low after about 8pm or right before bed. We turn ours as low as 67 or 68. By doing this, you’re using energy during off-peak energy consumption hours. This results in lessContinue reading “Pre-Cool Your Home & Save Yourself the Complaints”