The Elements

Fire, Water, Air, Earth

These are the elements our ancestors believed made up our world.

While, yes, hydrogen, berium, and astatine do exist and makeup our world, these four basic elements are the foundation.

Fire, water, earth & air make us up as humans. When we connect with these forces, we are in fact connecting with ourselves and our environment.

Here are some ways to check in with each part.


Fire is all about your Will. You can practice using the fire within yourself by moving – dancing, stretching, singing. You can also make a list and NO MATTER WHAT complete that list by a designated time. Fire requires action, an “umph” if you will.


Water is your emotions and magnetism. Take a few moments to feel your body, what is going on inside – how the energy moves, where is goes, how it flows. Your dreams will also give you insight into your feelings. Journal your dreams as soon as you wake up in the morning. Don’t analyze them, just write down what happened. Also, drink a lot of water to help your body move more freely.


Air has to do with your thoughts and the way that you think. Take a few moments to sit and observe the way your thoughts come in and out of your mind. Are they fast, or do the connections between your thoughts flow? Don’t judge, just notice. Try mindless journaling, too, just write whatever comes to mind for five minutes or so. Breathe deep.


Earth is grounding. It’s still. Try simply being still. Walk through the dirt bare foot. Garden. Be near nature. Earth is who you truly are.

The elements align us with the world around us. This is critical to be at peace, make the best decisions, and to help others.

In Soil We Trust,



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