Pre-Cool Your Home & Save Yourself the Complaints

Okay ya’ll! Fun little tip for you to give a try. It’s called pre-cooling.

Here’s how it work:

Turn your thermostat down pretty low after about 8pm or right before bed. We turn ours as low as 67 or 68. By doing this, you’re using energy during off-peak energy consumption hours.

Be cool. Like this guy 😎

This results in less strain on supplier and energy productions companies to meet supply demand during peak hours (usually 3-7pm, with over night being the less demanding time of day).

What’s more, you’re air conditioning won’t have to work as hard (draining your energy!) during the day because the inside building temperature is starting the day off at a lower temperature.

Not only will you sleep fabulously in the cold air, but the next day you won’t be so hot and sweaty!

Pre-cool your home and save yourself the complaints 😉

As always,

In Soil We Trust,



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