It’s Like Riding a Bike (To Work!)

This summer I spent a hunk of change on fixing up my old bike.

What a great decision!!!

I wanted to do this because sometimes I feel like I am all talk, and don’t take enough action in living a sustainable life. I wanted to do more. So, I opened up Google Maps and selected bike routes. I mapped out a nice, safe bike route to work. Was I surprised to find how absolutely glorious the ride to work could be when I’m not sitting in traffic. I have passed so much wildlife, gotten the opportunity to smell the flours, and just immerse myself in nature.

Now, my car ride was only about 15 minutes, and the bike ride is 45 minutes. But I no longer have to take time out of my day to workout, because the ride is my workout!

Not the best quality photo. If you look closely, though, you’ll see two little deer crossing the bike path! I see these guys regularly.

Biking has many obvious benefits, from lowering emissions and saving money on gas, to getting in your exercise. I was kind of surprised to find that the greatest benefit was just that I FEEL good about doing good. A bit selfish, sure, but I love feeling like I am contributing even just a little.

So, this is your sign to see if this transition is possible. You might grow to love the longer commute, because you’re getting your exercise in and always trying to beat your last ride time. I realize this might not be realistic for all (especially on those rainy days!) but for some I bet this is a change you can make. It might be a little challenging at first. I know it was for me.

Okay! That’s all.

In Soil We Trust,



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