3 thoughts on “Agricultural Machines or Agricultural Monsters?”

  1. I would imagine the cost of these super duper machines would be passed on to the consumer at the tills and would only be affordfordable by the huge conglomerates…and would the farms still be organic and the soil properly looked after it seems the small farmers would be squeezed out and the consumer would have little choice…my grandfather would turn in his grave and have plenty to say I’m sure he was a true farmer…this is not farming and before anyone goes on about all the starving people if there was not so much greed and waste in the world everyone could eat…I am all for progress but the right progress …sorry for the little rant, Tiffany…


    1. I totally agree Carol! This is not real farming. Farmers ought to tend and nurture the land, not exploit it and bring it to its limits! And yes. We actually have an OVERPRODUCTION issue and that itself is due to all our food waste.
      One day, one day local farms and producers whose goal is to nurture the land will operate the food ‘industry’! Thank you for the rant Carol haha I appreciate the passion!!

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