Worms. These slimy wigglers are freaking awesome & we could learn a thing or three from them.

What do worms do? Make soil. They eat stuff, then poop, and that stuff is soil. What do we know about soil??? Oh, yeah = it is everything around us. Everything comes from soil.

Now think. How often do we hear/think in a day : “Oh. I shouldn’t waste this.”

It’s majority of what environmental advocates fight for – plastic, air pollution, capitalism, e-waste.

All this ‘garbage’ is just making our environment T-O-X-I-C to live in, seriously.

Okay, let’s take it back to the worms.

We need to be able to waste, and have it be awesome!

It Is Uninspiring & No Changes Will Come If We Keep Saying “Stop Wasting”.

We need water bottles and takeout bags that we can toss out our windows & have it bring about glorious nutrients for our lands.

We need our energy sources to be manufactured in a way that emits back more energy, like using “waste” from one source (CO2) and have it be power to another.

We need a clothing system that INITIALLY creates clothes in a way that makes those clothes EASY TO REUSE – even easier than producing the clothing material in the way we do currently… plastic, intensive farming like monocropping.

We need the very same stores that send stuff out to be the ones to bring back in. Like, returning makeup compact containers, to allow companies to not even see “waste” as an acceptable, existing concepts.

People, do you see what I’m explaining? We need to create worm systems!

Nothing is garbage or poo poo.

It can be recycled, reused, reduced then grown out again to be recycled, reused & reduced.

In Soil We Trust,



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