Even if Humans Don’t Contribute to Climate Changes

Let’s face it. There are deniers. Many people I love deny climate change. I bet there are many people you know who also deny it.

Maybe they are scared. Maybe they truly just don’t think anything is wrong with our climate because they live in their own little bubble. Maybe they don’t understand climate change.

Climate change is simple. The climate…… changes.

And yes, this happens naturally. And YES, humans can effect it because we are an e-x-p-o-n-e-n-t-i-a-l-l-y growing population who do a lot of stupid stuff.


What really matters is what we do now.

Because even if humans aren’t causing climate change. The climate is still changing! You see?

Okay so what do we have to do. We have to ADAPT! That’s how this world works. Adapt, or get left behind.

We have to make our living conditions RESILIENT. Like, when a flood happens, how do we structure our cities to not be impacted? Do we put some sort of barrier underneath building? Do we make our building floatable?

How about droughts? How are we going to make it so that when droughts DO happen, we can carry on no problem without any massive financial blows? Drought is a factor we can look to our ancestors for, they dealt with it.

How about heat? People die from heat. It makes us sluggish and less productive, too. Our energy sources (our bodies and power plants) get suckedddddd up from trying to cool us down. How can we make our environment more suitable for us when it gets super hot? Ever hear of shade under a tree? Yeah, we could plant more trees to help cool us down.

My point is. Even if someone doesn’t think humanity has anything to do with climate change, the climate is still changing!!! No one wants to be at the brunt end of a flood, drought, or deadly heat wave. The way we adapt to these conditions by the physical structure of society will aid us when these changes in climate inevitably occur.

In Soil We Trust,


One thought on “Even if Humans Don’t Contribute to Climate Changes”

  1. Absolutely plus although the earth has been through changes climatically throughout time there are now more people and technology with all the needs and that is the problem so yes we do have to adapt or accept the consequences…


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