Green Job Boards

As a recent ish graduate, I spend a decent amount of time on job boards. Sometimes just to browse, other times for serious job searching.

It took me a while to find job posting that were current, in my experience level, and relevant to sustainability.

Here are my top three favorite job boards:

Good ole’ LinkedIn

LinkedIn is awesome. Companies post jobs there everyday. They have an excellent search filter tool, you can dive deep into employer’s profiles, and network all in one place. If you’re looking for a job, you need LinkedIn. While this platform is not totally geared towards sustainable jobs, there is a decent selection. You can also set up notifications for when a green job does post. My favorite feature is seeing how many applicants have already applied to get a feel for competition. If you have the cash, getting Premium may also be worth your while. Especially if you needed a new job like yesterday. You would be able to see how well you match up with a job, who has showed interest in your profile, and your profile is highlighters for employers. Also, I really like that you can explore companies, ideas, and posting. I’ve gained so much insight on the state of sustainability in the world from my connection’s posting.

Next up,

Terra. do is specifically for climate job seekers. I cannot speak more highly of this job board. They host virtual job fairs, post new listings everyday, provide opportunities for climate specific education, and offer a wide range of jobs. You won’t regret using this site! I highly recommend downloading the app, as it is much more user friendly than the website, and it’s free. There are four main tabs or sections of the app: Work (Jobs/Hiring Companies), Community, Events, and Learn. I highly recommend utilizing not only the “Work” tab when job searching, but especially Community. People post all sorts of events not hosted by that can gain you a lot of leverage and connections. If you’re in the Climate world & looking for work, is your bestie.

& Finally, Good Food Jobs

Okay I’m a bit biased towards sustainable food, which is why this one is making the list. This board does not have a ton of listing like the other two, but they are all quality posting and a lot of them work for entry level or associate positions. If you’re willing to relocate for work and have a passion for food, you will love this one. The focus is on sustainable food and creating healthy food systems, so you won’t find many jobs on energy, city planning, or other sustainable-focused jobs really. But, awesome platform, easy to search, & they offer many educational resources.

If you’re looking for a green job, you might be feeling a bit defeated. There really aren’t many entry level jobs for these types of roles… YET! I have total faith this industry will continue to bloom and flourish. Happy job searching!

In Soil We Trust,



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