Public Transportation & What It Ought To Be.

Like many, I have a car. If I ever want to leave my house to go to the grocery store, see my relatives, renew my ID, or anything that requires me being located outside my neighborhood, I pretty much have to get into a car. There is no bus (besides the school one) that would pick me up down the block. The nearest train is at least 10 minutes away by car. If I were to walk, I’d be pretty strapped for time and I’d be too afraid anyways because there aren’t that many sidewalks on the main roads. I could bike, sure, but again – no bike or walking paths to get me anywhere.

I am a civilian in the suburbs who essentially needs some sort of passenger vehicle to get around in society.

Why did we do this???

Sometimes, Sustainability to me means going backward.

Our ancestors lived immmmmmensly sustainable lives. They were around for thousands of years, without the internet, cars, or any home appliances.

Nowadays, the luxuries of technology are actually making us UNsustainable. I’m not saying we need to do away with modern tech. But I am suggesting we rethink the way we do everyday life as a society.

What if when you walked out your front door, the sidewalks moved. You know, like the walkways at the airport?

Or what if we brought light rails back?

Or what if we just designed cities in a way that only allowed for walking, no vehicles? Take away all the roads, all the parking lots, and just condense all the homes and businesses.

Yes, this is a total overhaul to society and the way we function. But travel is essential in today’s world and making it accessible is important.

We need to make public transport cool. When I think about public transport, the first thought is a smelly bus. How do we make buses and trains something all the young kids want to use?

I’m thinking modern. Making the inside of the bus feel like hanging out at the airport. Food available, chargers, roomy, and smell like vanilla.

People should not NEED or RELY on their own private vehicle – especially since driving is a privilege and not a right. Plus, Uber’s are getting pretty dang expensive!

What do you think the future of public transportation is?

In Soil We Trust,



One thought on “Public Transportation & What It Ought To Be.”

  1. That’s an open question as I believe it depends on where you live the last place we lived if we walked we took our lives in our the whole area is geared for walking or cycling…I walk… we don’t drive anymore but public transport is good across the country it’s also cheap and reliable…but I do agree more good, cheap public transport is needed and then people wouldn’t use their cars as much or need one at all 🙂


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