Why Honoring Yourself is Honoring All

Today’s post is not totally sustainability related, but I suppose it can be in some ways.

I’d like to encourage everyone to do what makes them happy. If you’re in a situation that just doesn’t FEEL right, then you’re not only doing a disservice to yourself, you’re doing one to everyone.

We are all working together in one giant system.

For example:

If I choose not to get a dog, someone else may get that dog, and that dog may save their life.

If you choose to eat a fish dish from a meal, that dish might one out for someone else who was unknowingly allergic to one of the dishes.

Someone who quit their job because they absolutely despise it, leaves a position open for someone who would be perfect for it.

Life is full of situations like this because nature is always trying to maintain balance, and does so in mysterious ways. Nature has a plan for us all.

When we try to fight that plan by doing things we don’t like or things we think we ought to like but don’t, then we create missed opportunities for others.

When we honor our own needs and feelings, we allow the rest of the world to follow suit. If we deny our needs and feelings, the rest of the world is unable to progress.

So, do what feels right for yourself and the rest.

That’s all for now!

In Soil We Trust,



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