Cities and the Future of Sustainability

Half of all people in the world live in a city. Even after the shock of 2020, that is not going to change.

Most of urban expansion will start in the developing world.

Cities account for only 3% of land, but makeup 60-80% of energy consumption, and over 75% of CO2 emissions.

These are some pretty significant stats I learned from my time at university.

While these are the current figures… sustainable professionals have other plans for the future…

Here are the targets for a sustainable future in regards to cities:

  • Ensure access to safe & affordable housing
  • Improve road safety (more foot traffic, less parking lots)
  • Strengthen efforts to protect culture
  • Less people affected by economic loss due to disaster
  • Decreased environmental impact in cities (air quality, waste)
  • Access to green and public spaces
  • Link people, planet, & profit.

I realize these are all vague. This is more a list to get the sustainable mind thinking. Also, it’s good to have a list like this covering broad topics so that when we think of specific solutions, we can still see the other issues.

IE. If we try to decrease air pollution, but that causes economic turmoil, we are solving one problem but creating another.

Alrighty! Hope your brain juicies are flowing.

That’s all for now.

In Soil We Trust,



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