People, Planet, Profit

In Sustainability, we like to focus on the three P’s. Which, as you guessed it, are people, planet & profit. These three pieces often make up what is called the “Triple Bottom Line”.

When making decisions with a sustainable mindset, considering these three components are essential. Achieving a balance is ideal, but obviously not always realistic… for now at least.

People might mean consumers, community members, employees, teachers, students, etc. People matter, and people’s freedom and well-being really matter. We have to consider people, because at the end of the day people are what make this whole humanity thing work.

Planet means really considering the environment from a holistic and long-term perspective. We must value the world around us. People and profit are NOTHING without the planet. For many, this P is the core of sustainability. But we definitely still have to consider the other two.

Profit, otherwise called prosperity. Whether we like it or not, this world runs off money and therefore we have to make decisions that will be profitable. Allowing a sustainable business to, well, sustain itself, requires a steady flow of income. If we leave out profit, those who are indifferent about the other two Ps will be totally against a sustainable mindset.

So yeah. This is just a brief summary of how a sustainable mindset views the world.

That’s all for now!

In Soil We Trust,



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