Earth’s Spheres

Earth is a super unique planet. What makes it really stand out is its SPHERES aka its subsystems that allow it to operate in the way that it does.

Here are the four spheres & their respective focuses:

  1. Atmosphere – Air
  2. Hydrosphere – Water
  3. Geo-/Lith – osphere – Earth
  4. Biosphere – Life

Solar energy from the sun is what drives energy through all of these spheres.

The biosphere is the main subsystem, with all of the other spheres working together to maintain the biosphere.

The hydrosphere is what really sets Earth apart from other planets – especially LIQUID water. Water can go through all the different phases on Earth (solid, liquid, gas).

Earth is JUST RIGHT. It has the perfect mass for our atmosphere type, as it protects us from harmful UV and stabilizes temperature. It also has a perfect magnetosphere and electric field – just enough to protect us from dangerous solar wind.

Earth is amazzzzing and all of these spheres are at constant work to make our home habitable. Yay for Earth!

In Soil We Trust,



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