Human Heart, Cosmic Heart – A Book Review

Dr. Thomas Cowan gets my heart.

That statement is true on, apparently, many different levels.

If you don’t know Dr. Thomas Cowan, I HIGHLY suggest you check out his books, ESPECIALLY this one.

Human Heart, Cosmic Heart takes the reader through multitudes of scenarios to get a deep, holistic understanding to truly comprehend just what the heck is happening in beneath our chest’s skin.

Dr. Cowan starts off by getting personal. He debunks common, blindly followed, information on how the heart works.

He takes us through the interworkings of how the blood moves, how the heart moves, WHY the blood moves, WHY the heart moves. These why’s are often left out in traditional teaching.

I truly feel like I am a cell in my own body when reading this book.

But, Dr. Cowan goes beyond basic anatomy and physiology. He connects the heart to gold, to money, to love, to water, to Earth, and to the universe.

If I could keep reading one book over and over, it’d be this one. I always catch something new.

This is an especially good read if you or someone you know is struggling with heart issues. This is the book for you.

Hope you like it!!! I sure do.


In Soil We Trust,



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