What If – Delivery Edition

There’s probably no one in America who hasn’t gotten a box delivered to their home.

Getting stuff delivered to your door is easy peezy lemon squeezy nowadays.

This is all good and well, but boy do you accumulate a ton of boxes!

So… WHAT IF delivery services provided a take-back service for boxes or other packaging? They could even offer a small, I’m talking ten- cent, discount for doing so.

Not only would this reduce waste in our *recycling* bins but will also prevent the need for further extraction, production, and transportation of said packaging and cardboard.

I could see this idea working tremendously well for companies like Amazon or Fedex – as it would boost their social image AND save them a bit of work and money as far as sourcing packaging materials.

Alrighty! That’s all for now.

In Soil We Trust,



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