Cradle to Cradle

Alright guys. Now, this book changed my whole perspective of the world in just a few hundred pages.

Cradle to Cradle, or C2C is more than just a book, it is a movement. To put it in the simplest terms, C2C means reusing items, instead of just using then throwing them out in the trash (aka the grave).

In this infographic, the full circle represents the Cradle-to-Cradle model. The Cradle-to-Grave model would stop at the lump of trash, and end there never to be reused again. Unfortunately, this Grace model is mainstream.

In traditional models, it goes Extract, Produce, Transport, Use, Dispose.

In circular models, it goes Extract, Produce, Transport, Use, Breakdown, Produce, Transport, Use, Breakdown, Produce, Transport, Use… ETC. You see the pattern.

Circular models allow for little to no waste.

What is SOOO important in this model, and what is really pushed in the book, is that we must first produce items thoughtfully. If we pollute quality wood with a bunch of toxic glues, then that wood is really not usable for another round of production.

This part of the concept reminds me of a time I was at work at a very well-known, global coffee corporation. I opened up a brand new, plastic measuring cup. When I took it out of the box, there was a sticker on the bottom. It read:

Caution. May cause harm to reproduction.

What the heck??? Why are we working with seemingly normal items that are so harmful to us there are actual requirements to put on warnings.

We must stop CREATING items that are unhealthy so that we can RECREATE AND RECREATE AND RECREATE items that are natural and without pollution to our bodies, environments, and probably our souls.

We are better than traditional models.

I urge everyone to not only ready Cradle to Cradle (I listened to it on an audiobook) but to also check out the website. There, you can find C2C certified companies that you can support. Reach out to some of your favorite companies that are not using acceptable, biodegradable and reusable materials to make their products. Make them feel the pressure.

Heres the C2C website:

Okay. I got a bit heated in this one. But thanks for sticking around!

In Soil We Trust,



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