Why are Chickens Illegal?

I love chickens, and I love chickens.

It is definitely becoming trendy to raise your own food, and chickens are some of the easiest animals to raise for consumption.

But many aspiring homesteaders are finding out their municipality prohibits these efficient birds. But why?

Chickens are excellent and getting rid of pesky bugs like ticks, they provide scrumptious and nutritious fresh eggs, and can also be raised for their seemingly ubiquitous meat.

So why can’t people be allowed to have them everywhere in some places?

Some say they’re just too noisy. I’d say some untrained dogs are too noisy, too, but oh well.

Some say they smell. Not if they are maintained, definitely not! And I am definitely not opposed to animal control ensuring a smelly hen house gets cleaned up.

Some just don’t like the look. What the heck?

Either way, if you want chickens, I would recommend you to contact your village or city to ask about if they are allowed. If not, maybe put up a little fight. See what you can do to change their minds. It might take a little leg work, but plenty of people have overturned chicken laws in their areas just by starting up a Facebook page and getting some signatures.

Make chickens local. Make chickens legal. It is way better to have your chicken produced in your own backyard than in some dirty, musty and toxic facility thousands of miles away from you.

Okay! That’s my little rant for today.

As always –

In Soil We Trust,



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