Too Good To Go

After graduation, I started applying to jobs and Too Good To Go (TGTG) was one of them.

Before applying I never heard of the company. But after doing research, I kinda had mixed feelings about their operations.

Their concept is solid. Ultimately, they work with restaurants and grocers to sell food to consumers that those businesses would have thrown out and wasted. Sounds good, right? Food that would have been tossed in the trash is now going to the consumer. Since it is “wasted” food, the consumer also gets this food for a discounted price.

Awesome! Although, the reviews of the food are less than stellar. Most consumers were really unhappy with the wasted food they purchased, even at the discount.

Either way, I think TGTG is a great concept. I also love all of their tips and tricks they share on their social media about saving wasted food. For example, they share how to use the leftover jam at the bottom of the jar. You can add other ingredients to the jam jar to make a salad dressing.

TGTG is a worldwide operation. You can download the app and see how you like it!

Alrighty. That’s all for now.

In Soil We Trust,



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