Soil and Energy

I often write on Energy, but my blog is “Bring Back Soil”, so you’d think my blogs would be mainly related to soil.

Well, Energy IS Soil. Soil IS Energy.

This is especially true for nonrenewables, the dominant source of our current energy supplies.

Oil and natural gas are fossil fuels. Fossil fuels come from ancient plant matter buried deep, deep underground. You guessed it, plant matter comes from soil. Thus, fossil fuels are soil.

Likewise, even renewable energy (wind, solar, hydro) require soil for us to harness it. We need a place to put the equipment (land use, on the ground aka soil).

Soil is the foundation for energy. And energy is the foundation for living things. They are the same thing.

Energy can either make or break us. It all depends on how we manage it. Just like soil can make or break us depending on how we manage it.

Soil and energy will always be closely linked because we need both in order to survive.

No, I am not saying we NEED computers, Nintendos, or microwaves to survive. But we do need energy for the most basic functions. We need energy as food to live, heat to maintain, and fire to cook.

It’s important to also be realistic about modern life and the ways we use energy. All of the energy that we use comes from soil.

Anyways, this is why I write so much about energy.


That’s all for now.

In Soil We Trust,



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