Save Your Fall Leaves

While it does not at all feel like fall where I live, fall is among us, nonetheless.

“Rake” will be on all our to-do lists before we know it. Before you pay for a trash tag and throw those leaves on the curb, though, think again.

Save those fall leaves! The BEST way to use them is to use them as mulch on your garden beds. These leaves are primo nutrients for the soil. This also makes them excellent brown material for your compost if you have one!

Using them as mulch also protects plants from the harsh winter freezes, making them more likely to come back next year.

My suggestion? Don’t even rake. Raking is actually totally unnecessary. Save yourself the labor and don’t even worry about picking up those leaves! They fall to the floor for a reason and provide rich nutrients to your lawn.

If you must, though, please don’t throw them in our landfills! They belong on the soil, not with a bunch of hazardous waste.

That’s all for now.

In Soil We Trust,



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