Agrivoltaics may sound like a serious scientific phenomenon. It doesn’t even show up as a real word when I type it.

But, it is definitely a concept that is coming popular, fast. Some of the energy entering your home is very likely to be coming from agrivoltaic energy.

If we break up the words, “agri” stands for agriculture. “Voltaic” stands for solar voltaic energy,

Thus, agrivoltaics is the combination of agriculture and solar energy production.

Land use is becoming more and more of a competition nowadays between all of our human needs – agriculture and energy production being the two most straining.

So, to combat the lack of usable land, agrivolatics uses the same land for both solar production and agriculture. And, it’s a win-win.

Plants and animals get stressed from extreme heat and sun exposure. Panels aid them with shade.

Solar panels also offer already struggling food producers another source of income.

All in all, agrivolatics is something we will hear about and see more as our consumption climbs.

That’s all for now,

In Soil We Trust,



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