Why I Love Soil

I love soil. Soil is the foundation of all life. Without soil, we would have nothing. Even aquatic requires soil for life to bloom.

We don’t often consider the dirt beneath our feet. We take it for granted. Yet, plants, animals, oil, or TVs, this laptop, your kitchen table, everything you see is derived from soil.

Earth is one of the ancient elements, next to air, fire and water.

Earth is probably a favorite element of mine, because all of the other elements rely on earth.

Soil provides sustenance. All living things find their nutrients from soil’s capabilities.

Soil is alive. There are trillions and trillions of little microbes that make soil a living, breathing thing. Just in the same way that there are billions and billions of little microbes in our own bodies that make us living things.

Soil is home; soil is Earth; Earth is home.

Soil is our medicines. Soil regulates Earth’s temperature – creating livable conditions for us. Soil holds waste, then turns it into nutrients like magic. Soil holds history, from dinosaur bones to lost civilizations.

I believe soil is the most valuable resource on our planet. It is a resource that we have immense control over, too. When we love our soil and steward it properly, the benefits are endless. But, when we carelessly plow our soil and let it degrade into the abyss, we also plow our own civilizations over and erode society.

When soil is good, we are good.

I love soil. Soil is life.

In Soil We Trust,



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