A Cabin In The Woods

This Labor Day weekend I’ve had the pleasure of spending time in Northern Wisconsin with my family. My stepdad has a perfectly lovely cabin right on Chain O Lakes.

Here’s a few things the stars, trees, water, and crisp air have taught me:

Keep your head up and shoot for the stars. (Yeah lame, I know. But true.)

Be grateful for what holds you up. The ground has always got your back.

Calmness is exuded from trees. Be near trees.

My personal favorite- We all have a little kid in us. Don’t forget to let that part of you let loose once in a while. Your adult self will thank you for canon balling into the lake for the fifth time.

We all succumb to the grind of life. That’s okay. But when we take time to watch the stars twinkle, we remember we are just little mini life forms hanging out on a giant marble.

Are you the type of person who gets happy looking at the sunset?

That’s all for now!

As always…

In Soil We Trust,



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