Why You Need Your Own Chickens

The farmers I’ve met all say there should really be no market for eggs.

I once ready that if one in every ten people raised laying hens, the egg industry would be nonexistent. I believe it. If you can raise a dog, then you can raise a chicken. Like all pets, chickens require care, love, and attention. But unlike our absolutely lovely traditional pets who offer us love back, chickens can provide us with both love and healthy calorie sustenance.

With just a few well-cared for chickens, you can expect about 1-2 dozen eggs per week. This is not only economical in many cases, but also creates a more sustainable food system. Transportation, energy used for refrigeration, marketing materials, and more are all expunged from the process. Laying hens can also eventually be used for their meat – also known as a stewing hen. While their meat needs to be slow-cooked, the flavor is incredible! There is something magic about eating food you helped bring about. Any produce gardener can attest to that. Speaking of gardeners, chickens are the perfect companion for a garden because they eat all those pesky bugs and weeds AND provide excellent fertilizer that’ll make your garden bloom like no other.

Chickens, like our other furry pet friends, provide recreational and emotional support to humans. I can tell you from experience that chasing chickens can be a riot – they will give you a run for your money! *Cue Rocky move scene*. Chickens are humorous. From the way they run around, to their silly faces, they can be sure to bring a smile to one’s face. Plus, kids can learn a lot about how to care for animals and biological functions.

All in all, get yourself some chickens. If you have a backyard and live in a town where chickens are acceptable, then give this a serious consideration! Just like dogs – there is a little upfront cost like housing. There is also a learning curve, but luckily there are TONS of resources to help you along the way. In my next post, I’ll do a review of an excellent book that educates on all things raising chickens.

In Soil We Trust,



7 thoughts on “Why You Need Your Own Chickens”

  1. I agree wholeheartedly, Tiffany our chooks are our pest control it’s great although we have to search for eggs but no matter they all have their favourite laying spots which makes it a tad easier 🙂


      1. We have one who thinks he’s a turkey for some reason ever since he was a chick he used to stay in with the turkeys at night and even if we tried to get him out he would have none of it… 🙂


    1. Have you ever heard of brownsfields? They are places in the city that are unoccupied and run down. If you have a group of people and put in a little effort… there have been others who turn those areas into Community gardens, and you could totally put some chickens there!


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