Welcome To My Office

Hi, all!

I love working on a farm and taking care of livestock. To give you a glimpse of what I get to encounter on a regular day, check out these pictures.

This calf is a few weeks old and loves to snuggle and be pet! Her name is Maeve.
Turkey poults are soooo cute! But, they can die in less than an inch of water, and tend to pile up on top of each other, suffocating themselves. So they require a lot of time and attention!
The farm cats are the farm’s best greeters for visitors.
Another calf enjoying the comfort of grass!
These curious cows wanted to see what I had in the back!
Don’t let the fencing in this picture fool you- these piggies have plenty of room to run around and roll in the dirt.
Pigs don’t have sweat glands. So when it’s super hot, they appreciate a nice hose down and rolling in mud.
Cows have pressure points on their noses that give them tons of release and comfort when pressed on. Orbit here, as you can tell, is really enjoying the feeling. She was even drooling a bit.
I love walking through this everyday. I find myself singing to myself often, “Out here in the fieeeelds, not far from my meeeeeals. I put my back into my livingggg” from The Who.

That’s all for now! Hope you enjoyed.

In Soil We Trust,



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