Where Are All the Factory Farms?

Hi all,

Ughhhhh. I truly hate this topic. It is my life’s MISSION to put an end to factory farms because they hurt my heart so, so very much. The thought of helpless living beings cramped into cages too small for the animal to even turn around is agonizing. I’ll spare you the visual images as they are heart-breaking.

Factory farms are incomprehensible. Cheap, risky meat that is unhealthy to eat is absolutely not worth the evil of factory farms.

However, the purpose of this post is not to tell you about how factory farms impact the environment by leaching chemicals and feces (can you say, ‘swine manure lake’?), or how they spread diseases to both humans and animals, or how they deliberately put so-called farmers in economic turmoil, or how they create dangerous “food”.

Instead, I’d like to share with you a map of all the factory farms in America. Is there one near you?

Thank you to theintercept.com for this image.

This data was EXTREMELY difficult to locate. Check out this article by Alleen Brown to read about missing and hidden information on factory farms.

I urge everyone to purchase their meat from local, regenerative farms! Check out eatwild.com to find one near you 🙂 Also, recommend to your favorite restaurants to do the same.

In Soil We Trust,



6 thoughts on “Where Are All the Factory Farms?”

      1. I’m going to have to see if I can find out how many there are here now…but world wide as you probably know 2/3 of animals raised for food are factory farmed….


      2. Yikes! Since only 1-2% of the population produces food now compared to the 99% at the beginning of agricultural production… this statistic makes sense! I hope that we can eventually move towards more small farms that produce food for the immediate, local community

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  1. I share your hope Tiffany I really do…it is the only way forward as factory farming is toxic not only too the animals but the soil and humans the cost is too high…


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