Take A Walk Today

Hi all,

Every morning the first thing I do is take my dog for a walk. It is the BEST part of my day.

Today I’d like to take the opportunity to suggest that you take a walk.

Walking is one of the most natural actions a human can take. We’ve been walking since the beginning. When a baby takes their first steps, it is a glorious moment of celebration.

Whether you live in the big city or countryside, you have the opportunity to walk.

Pay attention to the world around you. Focus on your senses. First, what do you smell? Then, what do you hear? How about taste, touch? And then what do you see? Focus on the little details and the parts you normally ignore.

Even a 5-10 minute walk has the potential to put you in a great mindset. Try it out and share with us your results!

That’s all for now.

In Soil We Trust,



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