Bone Broth Basics

Today I wanted to give you some basic information on bone broth. I’ve recently been dabbling with how to make it and LOVING the results. The flavor and ease is everything.

The only really ingredients you’ll need is some sort of animal bone. My favorite tip is to use leftover chicken carcass (oh yeah, put that waste to use!). A stewing hen is also PERFECT for making broth. You maybe also want something with a nice source of collagen, like chicken feet or beef shanks.

I also soak the bones and water in apple cider vinegar for a while to better extract the minerals.

Next up is the veggies. Carrots, celery & onion. Add a handful of fresh parsley, some salt, and you’re done! Easy peezy. Just add water to cover all the ingredients.

Let all the ingredients simmer for a few hours and you have wayyy better than store bought broth.

I’d recommend trying to source all of your ingredients from credible, local farmers. No pesticides, herbicides, or filthy cages.

Pasture raised, with no antibiotics is best. is a great resources to find such providers.

Here’s a simple chicken broth recipe from the Heal Your Gut Cookbook by Hilary Boynton and Mary G. Brackett:

Enjoy! Let me know how your broth turns out 🙂

In Soil We Trust,



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