Don’t Abide by the Pesticide

Who doesn’t enjoy biting into a
juicy strawberry or slurping on an orange
slice? The sweet yet sour flavors make
these fruits a staple in most American
diets, and they are especially popular
among youngsters. 🍓🍊

Yet, the mass
production of these delightful fruits
comes at a cost – the usage of herbicides
and pesticides.

For most conventional (and even some organic!) produce, this is a very familiar sight.

At this point in time, the
dangerous, life-threatening effects (especially for agricultural workers) of using chemicals on the produce we eat is well-known. Cancers, disruptions to our endocrine (hormonal), nervous, and immune systems, and more are all exacerbated by sprayed chemicals. These “cides” are also a burden to our environment.

So, these are the dangers. But what can we do?

Well, first off, we can grow these yummy berries or citrus foods right in our own backyard! That way, we know exactly what is being applied, in what quantity, and for how long.

If this is not possible, then consider buying organic if that is within budget (I have found organic is sometimes cheaper, especially when selecting in-season fruits or vegetables). You can also reach out to you state and local representatives urging them to support legislation against heavy chemical use on our food. Finally, consider eating some of the “Clean” (or least contaminated by fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides) fruits and vegetables, like pineapples, papayas, or kiwi.1

Our gut microbiome can stay resilient to harmful bacteria or viruses when it is not inundated with pesticides and other chemicals. A healthy gut means a
healthy and happy life!

In Soil We Trust,


Resources: (1)


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