Bigger Is Not Always Better – A Cautionary Proverb

Big Tech allows us to compose and share information like this very document.

Big-Box Retail supplies a plethora of seemingly important products from ankle bracelets to zero gravity lawn chairs virtually in an instant.

Big Retail is ubiquitous in most of America. How does this impact society?

Big Pharma, while extremely controversial, brings longevity to lives that would previously be stunted.

Big Business operates on an ambitious scale, and often internationally. Some well-known Big Businesses are Google, General Motors, or Tyson, and these are only a sprinkle of the Big Industries alive today.

While these massive entities allow for unimaginable feats, they degrade the integrity of humanity’s primal processes due to their incredible impact on our daily lives. We are distracted, unable to provide for ourselves basic necessities without the help of people thousands of miles away, and compulsively spend our money on things we only think we need.

We have lost the art of conversation, forgotten how to teach our children how to bake bread, and have become violently dependent on drugs prescribed by a doctor with an agenda.

All the while, our infamous big government supports the means of these industries. Society must ask themselves, “What options are we left to face?” or “Where does society go from here and how?” While the answers are not obvious, we can speculate that the public, or masses of common people, must bind together to create solutions demanding the government’s cooperation since we are all involved and responsible for this reality.

We can certainly discover the unintended injustices caused by Big Business like the disequilibrium of the economic system, deskilling of humanity due to the low level labor takeover (with little room for growth), and neglect of our natural resources.

We must also consider how to correct these injustices by using processes involving specialized education systems and the use of a mandatory business model that ensures industries operate accordingly for the integrity of the entire societal system.

What are your thoughts on Big Business? How do you feel you are affected by such massive enterprises? Are they not so bad? Please share!

And always remember:

In Soil We Trust,



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